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All materials are composed of nuclei and electrons, which interact with each other. Forces that govern this microscopic world are described by quantum mechanics. Oshiyama group at The Department of Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo strives to elucidate the mechanisms of phenomena that occur in materials using techniques of theoretical physics and computational science. We are revealing the underlying mechanisms of phenomena in nature based on the principles of physics and applying this knowledge to predict new phenomena. In particular, we aim to unravel various mysteries in nanomaterials and biomaterials and to achieve breakthroughs in materials science and condensed matter physics. Additionally, we strive to design novel materials that possess innovative functions based on this knowledge at the atomic scale. Such investigations of materials design based on quantum theory can, in turn, expand the frontiers of theoretical physics and computational science, and eventually advance basic science.

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We have moved from Department of Applied Physics of the University of Tokyo to Institutre of Materials and Systems for Sustainability at Nagoya University
International Research Meeting will be held during March 12 – 13 at Takeda Hall, The University of Tokyo. Your participation is highly welcome.

Symposium on Materials Sciecne and Technology toward Energy-Saving Society

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