Database Section
Assoc. Prof. UNEYAMA, Takashi
Assist. Prof. OKAMOTO, Naoya

This section aims to construct and utilize a database for large-scale calculations and to build an infrastructure to support that database.

High-performance Computation Section
Prof. OKAZAKI, Susumu
Assoc. Prof. UNEYAMA, Takashi
Assoc. Prof. SHINODA, Wataru
Assoc. Prof. YOSHII, Noriyuki
Lecturer ANDOH, Yoshimichi

This section aims to develop a large scale and high-performance computation method, which can be utilized in the development of the next generation super computer.

Fluid Dynamics Section
Prof.KATAGIRI, Takahiro
Prof. MACHIDA, Shinobu
Prof. TSUBOKI, Kazuhisa
Prof. ARAI, Masahiro

This section aims to clarify the universal law of flow at various scales and hierarchies, which appears in the natural world and engineering fields, and to apply this law to both industrial technology and a better understanding of nature.

Solid State Physics Section
Prof. TANAKA, Yukio
Prof. KONTANI, Hiroshi
Prof. MASUBUCHI, Yuichi

By clarifying the behavior of the electron, which determines the properties of solid matter, through analyses and numerical methods, this section aims to achieve a uniform understanding of physical properties, as well as to predict novel phenomenon, and to apply this knowledge in the design of devices.

Biological Science Section
Prof. SASAI, Masaki
Prof. OTA, Motonori
Prof. OKAMOTO, Yuko
Assoc. Prof. YAMATO, Takahisa
Assoc. Prof. TERADA, Tomoki

This section aims to study hierarchical mechanisms in self-organization of biological systems through computational analyses of dynamics and functions of bio-molecules and their complexes, and through prediction of structure and function of proteins.

Algorithm Section
Prof. ZHANG, Shao-Liang
Prof. FURUHASHI, Takeshi

This section conducts the integrated development of a high-speed algorithm and the visualization of multidimensional data, aiming at solving the various mathematical problems that appear in super-large scale/multi-degrees of freedom computations.

Computational Chemistry Section
Prof. OKAZAKI, Susumu
Prof. KOGA, Nobuaki
Prof. NAGAOKA, Masataka
Assoc. Prof. SHINODA, Wataru

Using non-empirical quantum chemistry and molecular dynamics, this section aims to clarify the chemical reactions and dynamics of molecular systems, and to promote novel molecular synthesis, as well as researches that will lead to better understanding of biological phenomena.

Academic-Industrial CollaborationSection
Prof. SHIRAISHI, Kenji
Assoc. Prof. YOSHIMATSU, Katsunori