We will aim to enhance the educational and research environment through cooperation among the core sections and the collaborative sections.

Collaborations within the university

The following lectures and seminars are scheduled to be held in 2009.

  • Lecture for Numerical Computation and Parallelization
  • Lecture Series of the Frontier of Computational Science
  • Co-sponsoring Computational Science Salon Workshop for
    applied software

  • Guidance for attending lectures related to computational science

    International collaboration and collaboration with organizations outside the university

    We will promote the nurturing of young researchers and engineers who will play an important role in the development of the next generation supercomputer by collaborating with organizations outside the university. Furthermore, we will hold "International Seminars and Workshops" by conducting international joint research and inviting international researchers, and will promote concluding agreements with overseas universities in order to make it possible for us to accept researchers from foreign countries who will be able to stay long-term.