December 2nd (Mon)

Place 333, Building No.3, Grad. Sch. of Eng. (工学部 3 号館 333)
contact Center for Computational Science

Time 13:00 -
Vladimir V. Golubev
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
High-Fidelity Numerical Experiments in Transitional Airfoil Unsteady Aerodynamics, Acoustics and Flow Control
We report on a series of benchmark high-fidelity numerical studies investigating various forms of low-speed airfoil unsteady responses in non-uniform flow, and means for their control. The first part of the talk discusses selected results of long-term collaborative work with the Air Force Research Laboratory on micro air vehicles (MAV) behavior in gusty environments. The flight path of an aircraft in an urban canyon is often characterized by sudden crosswinds and turbulent drafts that may have a particularly strong effect on small vehicle aerodynamics and overall flight stability. Development of efficient flight control strategies should benefit from high-fidelity studies elucidating airfoil responses to various types of flow disturbances characteristic of such unsteady environments. To this end, we propose several deterministic and non-deterministic canonical forms of impinging flow disturbances (including gust and turbulence) and examine their effect of unsteady aerodynamic, aeroelastic and aeroacoustic responses. For a transitional airfoil, we particularly focus on complex nonlinear resonant phenomena such as flow-acoustic feedback-loop interactions and their effect on the airfoil response. The second part of the presentation is devoted to studies of the airfoil flow control using distributed arrays of synthetic-jet micro-actuators. We show that micro-jets may produce significant impact on boundary-layer vorticity dynamics and thus on aerodynamic and even acoustic responses.