CCS Symposium Autumn 2011

Date: November 1-2, 2011
Place: ES Hall, Nagoya University, Japan
("C2 4" on the map)


November 1   Turbulence simulation and modelling  
12:50-13:00 opening    


  J.C.R. Hunt (UCL)  
  Interfaces in turbulence - the key to dynamics, modelling, simulation and applications  
  K. Takahashi (ESC)  
  Dynamics and adaptive strategies in urban boundary layer  
14:40-15:20   T. Ishihara (Nagoya University)  
  Strong shear layers in high Reynolds number homogeneous turbulence  
  Poster session & coffee break  

November 2   Mathematical and computational science of vortex-boundary interactions  
  K. Schneider (Aix-Marseille Université , France)  
  Numerical simulations of the clap-fling-sweep mechanism of hovering insects  
  M. Iima (Hiroshima University)  
  Unstable flapping state and flapping control in a flight model  
  Y. Hattori (Tohoku University)  
    Development of volume penalization method for simulation of flow around complex bodies  
14:10-14:50   T. Sawada (Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)  
    Computational approach to multiply connected fluid-structure interactions  
    coffee break  
15:10-15:50   R. Nelson (Hokkaido University, JST CREST)  
    Vortex dynamics in multiply connected domains and its applications  
15:50-16:30   Z. Arai (Hokkaido University, JST CREST)  
    Topological approaches to coherent structures in fluid dynamics  

Poster sessions
Y. Baba and K. Takahashi,
Turbulence structure in convective boundary layer with resolved building/cube array
G. Khujadze, R. Nguyen van yen, K. Schneider, M. Oberlack, M. Farge,
Coherent vorticity extraction in turbulent boundary layers using orthogonal wavelets
T. Kitamura, K. Nagata,Y. Sakai, A. Sasoh,O. Terashima,H. Saito,T. Harasaki,
Experimental Study on Decaying Characteristic of Grid Turbulence
D. Kolomenskiy, H. K. Moffatt, M. Farge and K. Schneider,
Three-dimensional flow near flapping wings
K. Morishita, T. Ishihara, Y. Kaneda,
DNS study of the small-scale statistics in turbulent channel flow at high-Reynolds numbers
R. Nguyen van yen, M. Farge, K. Schneider,
Dissipation by two-dimensional flows at vanishing viscosity

N. Okamoto, K. Yoshimatsu, K. Schneider and M. Farge,
Intermittency of quasi-static magnetohydrodynamic turbulence: A wavelet viewpoint

K. Takahashi, K. Goto and H. Fuchigami,
High Performance Computing on the Earth Simulator for World-highest Resolution Global Atmospheric Model
O. Terashima, Y.Sakai, K. Nagata, Y. Shouji and K. Onishi,
Pressure Measurement near the Interface of Turbulent/Non Turbulent Region
Y. Tsuji, S. Imayama, P. Schlatter, P. H. Alfredsson, and A. V. Johansson, I. Marusic, N. Hutchins, M. Chong,
Pressure Fluctuation in High-Reynolds Number Turbulent Boundary Layers; Results from Experiments and Numerical Simulations



Takashi Ishihara Nagoya University  
Katsunori Yoshimatsu Nagoya University    
Naoya Okamoto Nagoya University    


  Center for Computational Science